Dust Cover Description

                                                                HIGH STAKES AT SAN XAVIER 

Sonoran Slots, the sprawling new casino operated by the Tohono O'odham Nation of southern Arizona. has just opened its doors at the edge of the San Xavier District of the Reservation.  Less than a week after the Grand Opening cremonies, a bomb threat sends a throng of eager gamblers scurrying to the exits.  What appears to be a prank takes a lethal turn when an elderly man dies of a heart attack suffered during the evacuation.

Linda Bluenight, past forensic anthropologist and present fourth grade teacher of Tohono O'odham children, has just commenced her fall semester at San Xavier Mission School.  Her hopes for a quiet school year are soon dashed when her teenaged son, Matty, insists on taking a part-time job at the increasingly chaotic Sonoran Slots.

In this third novel in the Bluenight Mystery Series, Linda and her new love interest, Tucson Police Department's Lt. Jake Zepeda, follow an increasingly complicated trail involving Native American shamans, retired Armenian mafia members, shady land speculators, and Congressmen with questionable motives before arriving a surprising conclusion.